Introduction of Canada Visitor Visa

It is unlikely that anyone is into travel and tourism but has not thought about the pristine and beautiful nature, luxurious and modern buildings and forests of Canada.

Canada is known as a country of immigrants and has almost no indigenous population, but there are ethnic groups in some Canadian states who claim to be indigenous.

It is not very difficult for us Iranians to get a Canadian visa and the conditions are similar to the Schengen visa. For several years, Canada does not issue single-entry visas, or gives multiple visas to applicants, or does not issue visas at all, except for special cases.

By obtaining a Canadian tourist or visitor visa, people get permission to enter Canada.

You can safely entrust all the steps of obtaining a Canadian visa to UKS experts.

Procedures for obtaining a Canadian tourist visa

first step

Plan your trip and contact UKS Visa.

Second step

According to your travel plan, our experts enter your information after entering the UKS portal on the website of VFS (the official agent of the Canadian Embassy in Turkey).

The third step

It is better to apply two months in advance due to the time-consuming nature of obtaining this visa. Of course, Canada also has an express entry visa that does not include tourists.

The fourth step

According to your travel planning, UKS will schedule an appointment for fingerprinting and document delivery.

The fifth step

At this stage, our experts will complete the embassy form according to the information received from you, please note that the information must be expressed with complete honesty and accuracy so that there is no problem with your visa process.

Sixth step

Now it’s time to collect the documents that our experts will help you with.

The seventh step

At this stage, it is time to go to the fingerprinting place and hand over the documents. Our experts will go to VFS office together with you as the agency of the contracting party and if there are any possible problems, they will solve it.

The eighth step

Note that all costs are paid by the company according to the UKS company contract, and you do not need to pay additional costs. One of the strengths of the documents you deliver to any embassy to obtain a visa is to go through an agency of the contracting party with the broker of that embassy.

The last step

Perhaps the most difficult part of the visa process is the waiting part, but when you do this with UKS, there is no need to worry. We are so confident in our work that we give you a money back guarantee.
So don’t worry and make an appointment with our experts to get a Canadian visa right now!

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