Introducing the New Zealand Vourist Visa

When you were watching the movie Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, you must have thought about where in the world this pristine and untouched nature is located?! Yes, you guessed it right, almost all the sequences of this movie were shot in New Zealand.
The government of New Zealand has always tried to protect and support its natives, but due to the fact that the number of immigrants to this country increases every year, this has practically faced a problem.
New Zealand is a tourist country, and at the same time, livestock and agriculture play a major role in the country’s economy. Hobbit Park is also located in this country.
Obtaining a New Zealand tourist visa has become a bit difficult considering that many immigrants have gone to this country in recent years, but with UKS there is nothing to worry about.
By obtaining a New Zealand tourist visa, people are allowed to enter the territory of New Zealand.
You can safely entrust all the procedures of obtaining a New Zealand visa to UKS experts.

New Zealand tourist visa procedures

First step

Plan your trip and contact UKS experts.

Second step

According to your travel plan, our experts enter your information after entering the UKS portal on the website of VFS (the official agent of the New Zealand Embassy in Turkey).

Third step

Considering the time-consuming nature of this visa, it is better to apply two months in advance, of course, New Zealand also has an express entry visa that does not include tourists.

Fourth step

According to your travel planning, UKS will schedule an appointment for fingerprinting and document delivery.

Fifth step

At this stage, our experts will complete the embassy form according to the information received from you. Note that the information must be expressed with complete honesty and accuracy so that there are no problems with your visa process.

Sixth step

Now is the time to collect the documents. Our experts will help you in this matter.

Seventh step

At this stage, it is time to go to the fingerprinting place and hand over the documents. Our experts will go to VFS office together with you as the agency of the contracting party to solve any possible problems.

Eighth step

Please note that all expenses are paid by the company according to the UKS company contract and you do not need to pay any additional fees. One of the strengths of the documents you deliver to any embassy to obtain a visa is to go through an agency of the contracting party with the broker of that embassy.

Last step

Perhaps the most difficult part of the visa process is the waiting, but when you do it with UKS, there is no need to worry. We are so confident in our work that we give you a money back guarantee.
So don’t worry and make an appointment with our experts to get a New Zealand visa right now!

New Zealand Tourist Visa Packages




It requires an interview

Visa Processing Time

90 days

Most Popular




No interview needed ✓

The duration of receiving a visa is 30 days

Has a money back guarantee




No interview needed ✓

Business Lounge✓

With business invitation✓

Visa Processing Time

14 days

Full money back guarantee