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Introducing the US tourist visa

It is almost the wish of most people in the world to see America and the location of legendary Hollywood movies, and there is hardly anyone who does not wish to see Times Square in New York!
America considers strict measures for anyone of any nationality who applies to enter its country, and for us Iranians, these measures are extremely strict due to the lack of communication between our country’s government and the US government.
America is a country that accepts any kind of business and has one of the best humanitarian laws in the whole world.
To get an American tourist visa, you must either have a good travel history or an invitation letter.
By obtaining an American tourist visa, people get permission to enter the United States, and according to the new law of the Canadian Immigration Department, after entering the United States once, people can also enter Canada by filling out an online form.
You can safely entrust all the steps of obtaining an American visa to UKS experts.

ویزای توریستی آمریکا

Procedures for obtaining an American tourist visa

First step

Plan your trip and contact UKS.

Second step

According to your travel plan, our experts enter your information after entering the UKS portal on the official website of the American Embassy in Turkey.

Third step

Considering the time-consuming nature of this visa, it is better to apply three months in advance, of course, America also has an express entry visa that does not include tourists.

Fourth step

According to your travel planning, UKS will schedule an appointment for an interview, fingerprinting and document delivery.

Fifth step

At this stage, our experts will complete the embassy form according to the information received from you. Note that this information should be expressed with complete honesty and accuracy so that there is no problem in the process of obtaining your visa.

Sixth step

Now is the time to collect the documents. Our experts will help you in this matter.

Seventh step

At this stage, it is time to go to the American Embassy for an interview, fingerprinting and handing over documents. Our experts will accompany you to the American Embassy and solve any possible problems.

Eighth step

Note that all fees are paid online according to the UKS company contract and you do not need to pay additional fees. One of the strengths of the documents you deliver to any embassy to obtain a visa is that you have done it through a reputable agency from the perspective of the embassy of that country.

Last step

The last step, the hardest step, is waiting. Of course, if you have entrusted your visa application to UKS, this is a sweet expectation! We are so confident in our work that we give you a money back guarantee. So don’t worry and make an appointment with our experts to get an American visa right now!

American tourist visa packages




Visa Processing Time

Six months to a year

Most Popular




Visa Processing Time

60 to 90 days

Has a money back guarantee


Price starts from:



Visa Processing Time

45 days

Full money back guarantee

Frequently asked questions about obtaining a US tourist visa

Can the US tourist visa be extended?2023-05-23T06:56:25+03:00

Tourist visas for Iranians are issued for 6 months, in special circumstances and if you need more time, you can go to the US Immigration Office to extend the visa, but the probability of success in this matter is low.

Is it possible to work with an American tourist visa?2023-05-23T06:55:56+03:00

no It is not possible to work with an American tourist visa.

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